Multi Zone

K&S Transport specialises in multi-zone, temperature controlled transport. If you have frozen, chilled or ambient temperature freight we have you covered and ALL IN THE ONE DELEVERY IF NEEDED!

Temperature-controlled freight is subject to the strictest transport standards. Distributors, carriers and also customers demand uncompromising safety, along with proof of exact compliance with the requirements. Whether fresh foodstuffs, deep frozen goods, flowers, bananas or temperature-sensitive materials, the refrigeration chain must never be interrupted.

This makes comprehensive expertise a critical factor in the complete understanding of the refrigeration chain, because complete command of all the interfaces is the only means of offering a reliable service. That is why K&S Transport vehicles and components are maintained to the highest standard and constantly monitored in order to reliably control every link in the transport chain. This experience comes from working in the refrigarated transport-industry for more than 40 years and a modern well maintained fleet.